Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen -undkomma ansvar!

Sopa konflikter och problem under mattan. skylla på individen- undkomma ansvar!

"Diagnoser är ett påfund som man uppfunnit för att kunna skylla problem och konflikter som sker ute i samhället på enstaka individer! Det är samhällets sätt att skjuta ifrån sig ansvaret på individer.

Istället för att samhället ska ta tag i mobbning och annan diskriminering så säger man att "det där var inte mobbning - det där var hans störning/diagnos!!!"

Sen finns det säkert scizofreni osv.. Men diagnoser som autism/asperger/autistiska drag eller ADHD ges ut alldeles för lättvindigt och godtyckligt idag.. Ofta för att stryka över problem och sopa samhällets ansvar under mattan."

tisdag 14 mars 2017

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope är riktigt sevärd - del två och tre kommer snart!

Fett grymt projekt av fans - Jag bidrog den åttonde mars med 181kr till projektet för att få se trailern för de kommande två asvnitten tidigare, samt för att få mitt namn inskrivet i credits för de två kommande avsnitten.

Fighting-scenerna är otroliga i denna serie, och ser identiska ut med dem i spelen och animen - folk flyger genom stenar och annat! Den första delen som länkas till ovan är bra gjord och med en begränsad budget - de två kommande har en betydligt större budget som fans betalat genom donations-sajten Indiegogo där man kan donera pengar till projekt folk vill färdigställa.

De två kommande avsnitten har betydligt högre kvalité på effekter och utstyrsel samt omgivning. Man fick inte se så mkt fighting i trailern men det lilla man såg verkade väldigt lovande.

Länk till artikel på engelska kring projektet och det första avsnittet:

The Last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen Expansion V 3.07/3.079 (February 21st/March 03 2017)

Updated as of 03/03-2017:

Install in two ways if you have the CD-version:
1. Just extract the downloaded RAR-file using a program like WINRAR (it's free, just search for it on google and download it and install) and after that go inside of the downloaded folder and cut the folder inside of it (with the same name) out from that folder and just place it inside of your \SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods-folder.

Start the mod by clicking the bat-file with the name "Execute.bat" - NOT the "pagan Normans" or "Baptized Normans"-ones. I don't know if they work with my additions. Use the executive to be safe!

2. The other option, and this is if your game is unstable - install TLK version 3.06 first, and then remove the folder from your mods-folder and place this one in instead. But i think the first option should work fine for most.
Version 3.079 "Pre-release" (3 March 2017)
- I am working on a real update, but wanted this out now in case i mess up. At least then i won't have to re-do everything!
- Silver surfer strat-general for german unit used by rebels fixed.
- Silver surfer crews for ballista, catapult, trebuchet and mangonel used by rebels fixed.
- WotN-animations merged with TLK-animations - which means all WotN animations are now included in TLK:WotN Expansion.
- Frank Archers with working bowstring-animation added to East Frankish Empire.
- Replaced the Frankish units in the "German Rebels"-stacks with actual Flemish, Lombard, German etc units. No more cavalry nor other Frankish units for them.
- Denmark army now starts in Britain next to East Anglia.
- Hordaland now has it's army in Ireland based in Dublin.
- Vestfold now has two armies in Scotland in the territories which they had historically.
- All factions but the Magyars start out with ships - this means the Vikings will settle Iceland at around turn 30.
- Northumbrian captain and general added from WotN.
- Shield-textures for Northumbrian general changed from slavic ones used in WotN to the proper Northumbrian emblems.
- Fixed a bug were the Celtic Hunters didn't hold their bow correctly.
Version 3.07 (20th February 2017)
- New music for all factions/cultures - mainly taken from my WotN-music-mod, from the Unofficial 4.0 patch and from DBM. But i have edited all the songs and only taken what i wanted from DBM and the Unofficial Patch. Most of their songs aren't in use. The Kingdom of Gwynedd got some extra work made on their stuff. Nothing new but the music for Gwynedd, Munster/Connach and Alba - in this release at least.

- New units for the Francs, Denmark, Hordaland and Vestfold - Denmark has gotten a few new units, the Franks got their whole roster from WotN added to their roster, Hordaland got the Norse units of WotN with the Rygjalandi elites - Vestfold got the Norse units from WotN but with Vestfolds elites.

- New Swedish units as a separate rebel faction in Swedish territories - the rebel faction is controlling all the rebels on the map, but the difference with the Swedish units is that the rebel faction can actually recruit and train Swedish and Norse units from Swedish respectively Norse regions. Rebel faction made rich so it will be able to recruit units. 

- New Regional Recruitment system for specific factions - Mercia/Eastanglia/Wessex can recruit Northumbrian basic troops in their specific regional building - while Northumbria can recruit all of their old Saxon-units if Northumbria has this building. Northumbria gets the Northumbrian units from the start of course. And the others can only recruit Northumbrian elites if they hold the Northumbrian homeland and build the right building for it. Yes, the Northumbrian faction have a completely unique roster made by Absinthia for WotN - i have also fixed the Burwaran-unit and given them a mounted unit.

- There is a similiar system for the Viking-factions - if any Viking faction holds the other two factions territories they can recruit all of that factions unique troops - the Norse also has the Unification script as an alternative option. When Hordaland and Vestfold are united they also get all standing armies - but i was not sure about if they could recruit those faction-specific troops. But now they can, and therefore you as a player will have a reason to conquer the other Viking factions before going to Britain. The Swedish rebels have like five unique Swedish Viking-troops - they can all be recruitable if you conquer skara and that other Swedish settlement - and after that build the correct building. But be warned: I gave them huge garrisons to represent them being a faction of their own - Svitjod/Svea and Gautland in a mix - Gautland was conquered by Svitjod soon after anyway. And unfortunately Svitjod wasn't on the map, but Gautland was.

- Balanced all the WotN-units so that they are very well balanced based on the system in TLK - with the Real Combat-mod active. You will not have factions that are overpowered or underpowered - they are as they should be historically. While the strongest units may be the Magyar Horsemen - they are a spawning faction with no territories unlike their enemies the Franks among others - they needed to have the best units as they otherwise would stand no chance against factions with developed economies and many settlements. But they are beatable so they´re not overpowered. Makes sense that mounted troops are superior to dismounted ones - and while the Francs and Normans do have mounted knights - they don't have horse archers.

- Fixed alot of minor bugs and errors, as well as implemented the whole Unofficial Patch 4.0 manually ontop of my mod by myself - using the tool Total Commander to compare my files with Wino's - as he recommended.

- Added troops to starting positions in the descr_strat, the scripts and the rebel_factions-file - you will have more varied armies from the start - and there are many different kinds of rebels not there previously.

- Added siege engines to the campaign, and ballistas, trebuchets and catapults were already in custom battles for the Normans and the Francs. Now they are in the campaign, and in custom battle - for all factions! But there is a little trick to getting them in the game.

All the factions can build Ballistas if they build a siege-building - but only the cities starting as highly developed cities are able to build Catapults - this means they are restricted to Saxon and Frank-territories - and the only possible way to get a catapult for barbarians and Vikings will be by conquering those highly developed cities. The same rule applies to Trebuchets and Mangonels - the last which i added to the Franks. But in these cases it is even more rare to get across these siege engines - you'll need to conquer one of the big frankish cities! Saxons doesn't have the skill to create Trebuchets and Mangonels in this early era - it's a Frankish Empire-only thing. But everyone who holds one of their key-cities, such as Aachen, Paris or that third one - can create these siege engines.

- Added Swedish accents for Viking factions - 1700 Empire:TW-style - didn't fit the stratmap very well but works - on the battle-map it is much better because they still say the same insults as in Medieval II.

I am sure i did more but this is what i remember currently right off the tip of my head - i have been working on the mod for at least four and a half full weeks (including evenings) like 17h/7- i hope you guys will enjoy it. It feels pretty complete, were it not for a few unit portraits that needs to be fixed - they are currently using placeholders. 

I played it for a few hours in hotseat and it worked great - i have played it with auto-resolve in an older version from last summer for over 500 turns. But this is a new version and i haven't played one single long campaign by autoresolving. But i think it should work fine! Remember that i use the CD-version - don't ask me for help with Steam - but it should be compatible with steam also. But i only help if you are using the CD-version.

I made this submod only by myself- but there are some people who deserves both credit and mentioning:
Danova & team - For the base TLK-MOD!

Absinthia - for the WotN-units such as the Franks, the Northumbrians and the new Vikings - also a thank you to Leif Ericsson for the Vigamenn - Absinthia and Horsa were fine with me using the units, as i am also a developer on WotN currenly - and they told me that Leif would probably be more upset than happy if i didn't include his unit (the Vigamenn) also. I guess i was fine with Absinthia giving thumbs up on that one. TLK and WotN were created by different teams around the same time period - and i know about Horsa and Danova having a sharing agreement which we are playing upon in WotN: Grand Campaign. 

Thanks to 
Heathen Storm also if you have done anything on the units.

But mostly, this was all 
Absinthias work and he should have credit for the bigger part of the rosters.
Thanks to Darius - for allowing me to use parts of East of Rome: Danube Limes in Wrath of the Norsemen - as this is an "expansion" in the middle of the two WotN-releases - with a clear WotN-connection - i assume this was fine as well - because i got permission for the big one. And this is the same thing but set only in Britain and smaller parts of Europe. Thanks for allowing the use.

Then i wanna thank Wino - for his advice on using Total Commander to help me add his changes on-top of my own submod - thanks man! Would have been very hard without that program.

Thanks to crosscheck86 for his "Swedish Accents"-modification - which i added in with permission from him, and which adds Swedish voices to the Norsemen and Danes! There were no Danish nor Norwegian voices to be found. And it suits the Swedish rebels well.

And finally to 
Rhaymo, the creator of DBM - for using some of the music of his mod. Not that he ownes the music but it was still in use in his mod.

I wanna thank Derek Fiechter, an artist - for letting me use his song "Celtic Music Instrumental - Avalon" in the mod - on condition of mentioning him.

Video of a battle between the Kingdom of Northumbria and the Kingdom of Wessex (sorry for Bandicam messing up):
Article at MODDB: 
Download LINK:
Video of a battle between the Kingdom of Northumbria and the Kingdom of Wessex (sorry for Bandicam messing up):

Mr_Nygren's Marvel VS DC-Universe MUGEN V 2.0 NEW (January 20th 2017)

I do think it has the biggest roster of MARVEL and DC-characters of any MUGEN-mod.

NEW upload of this MOD as of 2017-01/20 - i have made it alot better and fixed things in the previous release that i didn't like!

Changes include:

1. Music on all stages (hopefully, at least all stages has a music file attached to them - but i am not sure if it plays on every stage, but i think it should) as in the previous version some stages didn't play their music.

I did go through the entire stages-folder and i did fix some stages where music didn't play.

2. The Batman-music on some stages didn't fit a fighting game - Batman music removed or cut into pieces, only the parts of tracks suitable for a fighting-game were preserved. Expect more for less - pretty much the same kind of edits made on the music-tracks as i did in my music-mod for Third Age:DAC.

I have edited most Batman-themed songs and only preserved the strongest and best parts loud enough to be heard in a fighting game. Alot of the music had to be cut because of it not being heard very well among the punches and kicks. I also thought that some of the music didn't fit the scenery. I'd say now the music is more befitting a fighting game as it is more heavy and loud.

3. I wasn't pleased with all the unserious characters added by another modder when he updated Superheroes 2000 v  4.1 to v 4.3. I have removed and replaced all such characters with real MARVEL and DC-comics characters. Expect also upgraded chars - 20 new chars or so, and 55 new chars in the char-folder.

Due to a limited number of character slots in the game/mod, only the best fighters made it into the game - but there will be 55 new characters in total to be found in the char-folder. The best ones are already inside of the game -and all non-comic and unserious characters have been replaced with real characters from Marvel and DC as stated above. I'd say there are like 20 new characters in-game. Then we also have upgrades for even more characters from both DC and Marvel.

4. 14 new stages - Agent Venom and his stage has been added, as well as alot of stages with a Batman-theme. The music on the stages are not edited music but instead the music following with the stages when downloading them.

5. Fixed Arcade-mode with most character positions/orders adjusted.

I have gone throught the entire select.def-file, and i did change the order-numbers for when a certain character will fight you in the single player and cooperative multiplayer Arcade-mode.
Expect it to be correct this time around - with characters divided into groups of X-MEN, Marvel-Avengers, Mutants, Marvel-Villains, DC-Titans, DC-Villains, Spiderman, Gotham, DC-Justice League of America (JLA) etc.

Stages are also hopefully correct for most - or all characters when fihting them in the Arcade-mode.

Btw: I didn't create any songs, stages or chars - i just assembled the mod as everything was free to use according to the Mugen-sites. I also based it on another mod, but replaced the screenpack and added everything in from scratch.

Credit for the material is given to the respective creators.
The above means that i didn't create the material which i am using in the mod. But the material was free to use, as everything was freely available on various MUGEN-sites on the net - such as characters, stages and music. I did choose a unique screenpack for this mod that i found on a site called Crusader Knights or something.

And then i re-inserted everything that was already included in Superheroes 2000 V 4.3 into this mod using the new screenpack - after which i added my own stuff (that i downloaded from various places on the net) in the previous release, such as 52 new characters, 20 new stages and 20 or so new songs.

New for this release was fixed music on all stages, 20 or so new characters, many character upgrades to more recent versions and edited Batman-music for it to be more fitting for a fighting game. Also like 14 new stages, mostly with a Batman-theme - were added! As stated above.

I think this will be the final release. I wasn't originally going to update my old release from april the 7th - but i felt it had been rushed and wasn't released properly. Plus the mod became way more popular than i first had imagined it to become. Therefore i felt it was deserving of an update for it to be the best possible version.

The only thing remaining would be to balance all the characters if someone doesn't want some characters to be overpowered - and others underpowered! But that i leave for someone else to fix if they want such a mod. If i am going to release a new version in the future it won't come until next year in 2018.

Enjoy this release till then.


Article at MODDB:

Download at MODDB:

Video of the new release:

torsdag 19 januari 2017

Håller sedan tidigare på med ett flertal olika modifikationer för PC-spelet Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms. - Uppdatering!

Håller sedan tidigare på med ett flertal olika modifikationer för PC-spelet Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms.
Mods är bl.a:
Ytterligare en ny och betydligt bättre version av Game of Thrones: Total War, en ny enorm version av Wrath of the Norsemen - denna är åter i görningen efter att jag lyckats besegra en bugg som stoppade utvecklingen tidigare, en mod för The Last Kingdom -
(denna har varit på hiatus ett tag, men jag funderar på om jag ska göra klart den innan den andra vikingatids-baserade modden, eller om jag ska strunta i att göra klart den och istället göra klart endast den andra - TLK är en mindre modifikation men bättre än den tidigare versionen av TLK - jag har lagt ner mer än tre veckors arbete på den så vill kanske ändå göra klart den, men den för WotN är större så kanske är bättre att fokusera på den) -
, en mod för Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times - min speldator kraschade den elfte december och jag kommer ej åt den senaste versionen av denna mod, men jag har en sparad kopia på min äldre dator av en tidigare version - räknar med att få göra om en till två dagars arbete ungefär.
Det var dessa mods som jag aktivt har arbetat på sedan år 2016.
Nytt för i år är att jag även fått tag på spillrorna efter två modifikationer- nämligen East of Rome: Justinian Campaign och End of Antiquity. Detta möjliggör att de bägge modarna skulle kunna slutföras, men EoA är alldeles för ofärdig så jag tänker endast göra lite grundarbete på den och sedan annonsera om den för andra moddare som kanske kan ta över och slutföra den.
Vad gäller EoR så håller jag på att återställa alla nationer/factioner i spelet sedan två veckor tillbaka. Det går utmärkt och de flesta verkar ha sina enheter i filerna. Lite drygt att återställa allting men det kommer bli klart. När det är gjort saknas en roster för en av factionerna helt och hållet - vilket innebär att jag kommer måsta lägga till en ny roster/armé från en annan mod med passande units/trupper. Sedan när alla factioner är klara i custom battles så blir det fokus på kampanjen.
Kampanjen i EoR har kommit en lång väg. Men det är vissa buggar och felaktiga utplaceringar av enheter som måste rättas till. jag måste även radera alla icke fungerande enheter som finns på kampanjkartan - då vissa enheter med förlorade filer fortfarande spawnar enligt scripts där. Sådant leder till kraschar i spelet när man försöker spela strider. Sen är det ungefär tre factioner som måste läggas till i kampanjen.
Jag tog en paus från arbetet på Game of Thrones Total War och började fixa till Wrath of the Norsemen, men sen fick jag tag i resterna av EoR och har fokuserat på att återställa nationerna i det spelet - jag blev lite less efter att konstant ha fokuserat på detta under fredagen och lördagen.. Så under söndagen gjorde jag ett tillfälligt avhopp till en helt annan modifikation för ett helt annat spel.
Mugen! Jag hade inte tänkt att uppdatera någon av mina modifikationer för Mugen - men Marvel VS DC-Universe blev mer populärt än väntat, och jag var missnöjd med vissa saker i mitt släpp från förra året i aprill. För det första så saknade vissa banor musik, vilket jag skulle ha fixat till men jag hade för brottom.. För det andra så passade inte musiken från Batman Returns banorna särskilt bra och resultatet blev inte som önskat. För det tredje så kontrollerade jag aldrig de nya karaktärer som lades till från superheroes 2k 4.1 till 4.3.
Jag uppdaterade ju först 4.1 till det nya 4.3 - sedan lade jag till mina egna ändringar vad gäller karaktärer, musik och banor. Flera av de karaktärer som lades till av en annan modder när denne uppdaterade 4.1 till 4.3 passade ej in i spelet. De var oseriösa, icke marvel/DC-comics karaktärer utan fan-skapta karaktärer som inte hade i spelet att göra- av detta skäl har jag tillfälligt beslutat att fixa till musiken så att den blir episk och mer passande för ett fightingspel, ge alla banor musik - och slutligen ersatta alla dessa oseriösa karaktärer med riktiga karaktärer från Marvel och DC-universe. Ett flertal äldre karaktärer får då även sina senaste versioner.
Jag tror att detta blir den slutgiltiga versionen. Blir det en ny så kommer den ej innan 2018.

lördag 10 december 2016

GAME OF THRONES: TOTAL WAR VERSION 4.5 RELEASED ON MODDB! Please VOTE in the MODDB competition - it's only nine hours left to vote for this mod!

New version of GoT: Total War. New House Bolton faction, new pictures in alot of places, new recruitmentsystem based on regional area of recruitment - you can only recruit riverland troops in the Riverlands etc, new units and textures for most factions,video add-on implemented in the mod, new strat-models for almost all old factions not counting the Lannisters and the Starks, as they sadly were bugged, many different rebels implemented and mercs -they now use new models. All vanilla models gone!

Game of Thrones Submod for Westeros Total War, v. 4.5


1. New playable House Bolton faction - led by Lord Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort, and complete with a new GoT-look-alike roster. The units do look like in the TV-show!

2. New textures for many shields as well as improvement of many units in the game - new model parts etc!

3. New unit pictures, background pictures, portraits and other stuff implemented - video addon also added! And the unit portraits not added will be added in a patch shortly, i just wanted this released before the voting close.

Everything is finished but for a few minor things.

4. All rebels and mercs in the game have been replaced by new unit models - no more vanilla units in the game. I Have also created over 20 different rebel groups, both based on regions and capitals.

The capital rebels are elites, and the other regional rebels are commoners of their specific regions.

5. A few new units for some of the old factions - especially House Tyrell, and House Martell.

6. All working strat-models added- but the Lannister and Stark ones didn't work - so they borrow from others, no more vanilla strat-models in the game.

7. Mercs recruitable from guilds - factions can now create guilds where they can get unique Southern mercenaries.

8. New recruitment-system based on regions - you can now only train and recruit the troops of a specific region in that region. Westerland troops in the Westerlands, and Riverland troops in the Riverlands etc. As for the elite-units, you can only ever train your own house elites -but you can train them in all capital cities that you hold.

9. Many bugs and errors fixed - the russian text is now gone from events and the like.

10. Added alot of minor things also.


The WTW (Westeros Total War)- mod team for the base-mod:
~ HannibalExMachina
~ Dr. Noob
~ Toho
~ cedric37
~ Edric Storm
~ Cobi Wan Kenobi
~ Dux
~ Inarus
~ Kiliç Alì
~ LordInquisitor
~ Mhaedros
~ SoulGamesInc
~ Stannis-the-Mannis
~ GatorMarine1833
~ Makanyane
~ Valar Morghulis
~ Hross
~ Iron Orchid
~ John Scigulinsky
~ Emperor of Hell
~ Murfmurf
~ Radboud
~ Paleo
~ Tyler
~ MasterBigAb
~ MemduhG
~ HeirofAlexander

-and the GoT team (Game of Thrones V3.0) for the base submod:
~ Inarus - Images, basic graphics, music and Image Research.
~ Radboud - Faction Symbols, UIs, and All Epic Graphics. ~
~ AndariusHaliusScipio - Awesome Audio Clippings ~
With Particular thanks to...
~ Emperor of Hell and Mhaedros ~
- For sharing their Wisdom in the art of modelling, texturing and much much more than can be listed,

Looking for...
~ Unit Modellers! ~

Game of Thrones V 4.0:
~ VltimaRatio (unit modeller, new models/unit cards for strat-map and battle map, new custom battle maps)
~ Mr_Nygren (text editing, script stuff- (Replacing old models with new ones in the text-files, implementing new horses and siege artillery)
~ Western Unit Overhaul Source Files (mod resource) by GeMiNi][SaNDy were used as a base for new units.
~ Siege engines are borrowed with permission from the De Bello Mundi-mod, creator Rhaymo.
~ Marka Medium and Heavy Horses- by the Ruschi-team.

Game of Thrones V 4.5:

(unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game, creation of all the models, implementation of the models into the game and custom battles/campaign, some work in the EDB, descr_strat and the EDU regarding these new units.)

(modder, everything else new basically. Got a little help from a third guy with some descriptions and four of the pictures- the rest i did remake into transparant pictures. The work of adding region-specific rebels, capital-specific-rebels, mercs into the EDB, all new pictures besides those four i mentioned, new backgrounds, new portraits, the recruitment-system which took alot of time to set-up and fixes of various bugs, silver-surfers and errors.

Preview video of a battle - House Stannis VS House Bolton:

onsdag 7 december 2016

Huge improvement made on the Game of Thrones Total War-submod, for Medieval 2: Total War: Kingdoms! - release coming soon!

I just want to say that i have been working on this mod for the past couple of days - and it's going fine i think!

I did complete the Tyrell portraits as i wrote earlier that i would do- but then i lost interest in that part of the mod after adding like two portraits for House Renly, as i thought it could be completed at the end instead. So the past two days i have mostly focused on other parts of the mod. And i have made some progress:

1. Corrected the LOD-problem in the BMDB - and made all units better quality when camera is zoomed out.

2. Fixed captains, generals and various units who did have the wrong models used - or that were not working properly.

3. Fixed text-errors - such as some of the BMDB-entries being wrong which caused crashes for some units. Or like adding the slave-entry in the edu to stop some units from CTD-ing when made into rebels.

4. Replaced all the vanilla rebels in the game - Beric Dondarrion now has a big army of GoT-units, specifically Northern, Riverrun, Southern and Yronwood/Dornish units all mixed up.

English_Rebels were used for all the factions except for the Arryns who used Vale_Rebels instead- all units being vanilla. I have replaced the English_Rebels-entry with Westerland/Southern rebels, the Vale_Rebels are now Arryn_Rebels that are using lower-end Arryn units - and the rest of the faction-specific regions have been divided into Dornish_Rebels, Baratheon_Rebels, Tyrell_Rebels, Northern_Rebels, Ironborn_Rebels, Riverland_Rebels -all which are using lower-end units of their specific regions.

Then i've added Capital-specific rebels using high-end troops, such as Kingslanding_Rebels, Winterfell_Rebels, Sunspear_Rebels, Highgarden_Rebels, Eyrie_Rebels, Dreadfort_Rebels, Casterlyrock_Rebels, Stormsend_Rebels, Riverrun_Rebels, Pyke_Rebels and the Dragonstone_Rebels -the last one is set for both of the two Stannis  Strongholds. The capitals will now spawn elite defenders if the player is cheating by killing off the faction heirs/leaders. Killing off House Joffrey without defeating the army in Kings Landing will now result in the elite troops spawning there. Kingslanding is the most heavily defended capital city. Also, all the units scathered around the place will now turn rebel and won't just disappear when the faction is destroyed.

The simple towns and castles will also spawn rebels- but they are made up of more common units.

5. Winning conditions added for all the factions - all the factions need to hold on to their starting settlements, as well as conquer a specific number of regions - including capitals of their five  to six foremost enemies in order to win. This means you will need to hold the capitals even if they are far away!

6. GoT menu video from season 2 added - as well as the other in-game videos from the GoT-submod-addon.

7. Made Roose Bolton the faction leader - Ramsay is now the heir, title Bastard Ramsay (instead of Prince Ramsay), Vargo Hoat added in as a Bolton family member/general and using picture of Locke (who cut off Jaimie's hand in the show, just like Vargo did in the books), Roose Bolton voice added to the new House Bolton faction leader, Roose picture added into the faction selection screen, added the Bolton troops from the Stark army to the Bolton army and improved the units included from the start, removed Roose Bolton as a family member/general for house Stark, added Robb Stark as the commander of the big Stark army, added Jon Umber as commander of Robbs previous army, made House Bolton allied with House Tully and House Stark from the beginning, moved the Bolton army further up the map past Harrenhall, moved the Stark army to outside of Riverrun.

8. Also, i've fixed the generals/captains for House Bolton to work properly (they aren't standing on their horses anymore) - and they are now changed to the captain/general units VlTimaratio created for the Boltons in september. The battle models are replaced for Bolton-leaders in the descr_strat as well.

9. Replaced all wrongly placed bodyguard units in the descr_strat - i did make a mistake of giving generals that weren't family members bodyguard units. They have been replaced by knights of their respective houses, or in the case of the Ironborn - Ironborn Cavalry!

10. Replaced units in a rebel spawn in the scripts-file in which Beric Dondarrion respawns each turn no matter how many times he's been defeated - and he did have vanilla units in all the spawns but the first one! He now do use new units, but his big army is only half the size in each respawn - only the first army is a full size-army.

11. Replaced all the vanilla mercs in the EDB - with southern units for all factions -and they are recruitable from guilds, as well as replaced Dornish and Ironborn vanilla units with new units in the EDB, as there were a few places in which they recruited vanilla units still.

12. Tested playing the game as the rebels autoresolving most battles but played a few - it worked great without crashes until turn 236-237 - restarted the game and the same crash happened - chose to retreat in the automatic battle instead of fighting it, and then autoresolve it - it worked and no CTD:s as of turn 301. Haven't played more, but some factions are really overpowered in autoresolve and will need balancing in the future.

A rule of thumb is that if the game CTD:s at the same place and time in a row - move a unit slightly different, make different decisions and maybe chose retreat instead of fighting the battle. It usually solves the problem.

13. Added Frey Spearmen as a settlement-specific unit for the Twins.

Things i need to do now:

1. Adding mercs into the descr_mercenaries - will see if this is necessary. I didn't see alot of mercs in the file itself.
2. Make it possible for all the houses to recruit lower-end troops of conquered houses. - But this may or may not be added in the new release coming soon.

3. Fixing Bolton faction descriptions.

4. Adding new portraits for cavalry, units without portraits and finishing the portraits for starting family members and generals.

5. Fixing new unit_Info-pictures - might do a few of them, but the rest will be saved  for  after the release.

6. Eventually replace all the adoptee-family member portraits and in-game offspring portraits - if i have the time, but that might be saved for after the release.

7. Fixing the bugged Lannister- and Stark strat-models - i was going to do that before the release but i don't have the time to learn how to fix them. It's a bug in which the arm stretches out of place. They were not finished properly, and the difference between them and the working ones are that they were finished aug, the eight -and the working ones were finished aug, the 13th or something.

In any case, the Lannister/Stark-ones were completed earlier and they don't work - i'd guess Vltima did the newer ones correctly but hadn't done the same for the older ones. I have the tutorials and i will learn this myself soon enough, but i don't have the time to do this before a release as then i will miss out on the voting.

I will also create new strat-models for the Boltons once i've learnt how to do that. If VlTima has the time and will he is of course more than welcome to help me out by fixing the Lannister/Stark strat-models, as well as creating the Bolton-ones. The Tyrell and Arryn strat-models are missing their swords also.

If he does not return i'll try to do this myself before the next year. But i won't add the swords.

8. Of course i will need to playtest the game before a release and fix some possible errors and bugs - i do hope it isn't unplayable as i have had no such experiencies when testing  the game after adding stuff. But it made me worry a little when i was done with the final two rebel-entries - the game crashed not too long after starting a hotseat. But i think overall it's meant to be played in single player.

I'll test the single player-game out when everything else mentioned above is done, at least the most important stuff mentioned above from numbers 1 to 5 - release coming soon, most likely friday or saturday. May come earlier as i want this released so i can possibly finish two other mods also.

A Warhammer BotET-sub-mod, and a The Last Kingdom-sub-mod, - but i'm out of time!

If you support this mod and the coming version don't forget to vote - otherwise it may miss out on the competition for best mod released this year:

Vote for Game of Thrones in the 2016 Mod of the Year Awards

fredag 2 december 2016

Hjälp gärna till att rösta på följande MODS skapta/sammansatta av mig, eller där jag medverkat på något vis -man kan rösta på alla!

Nummer ett:

Game of Thrones Total War, för Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms.

Vote for Game of Thrones in the 2016 Mod of the Year Awards
Hjälp gärna Game of Thrones Total War att bli årets MOD genom att rösta, jag var inblandad i en hel del av arbetet för den senaste uppdateringen där nya enheter som ser ut som i TV-serien lades till.

Detta är den mest tippade moden, av dem som jag släppt i år- jag är i en kamp mot klockan att färdigställa tre nya -varav en är en uppdatering av just denna modifikation.

Nummer två:

Mr_Nygren's Marvel VS DC-Universe MUGEN- för Mugen Game Engine!

Denna mod blev mer populär än väntat- om än inte lika populär som GoT: Total War.

Även om jag inte tror att den har en lika stor chans att vinna, så får den som vill gärna lägga en röst på denna MOD också.

Jag gjorde arbetet med att sammanställa spelet, men alla karaktärer, låtar och banor skapades av andra. Då den är rätt omfattande så la jag ändå ner en hel del jobb på denna MOD.

Så rösta om ni vill - man kan rösta på fler än en MOD.

Nummer tre:

Wrath of the Norsemen 2.0, för Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms.

Även om jag raderade min första WotN-mod släppt i januari- där jag lade till episk musik från VIKINGS-TV-serien, så uppladdade jag en nyare version i augusti med fler fixar, nytt hotseat läge och lite annat. Det var tråkigt att jag tog bort musiken- men jag var orolig att bli stämd för kopieringsskyddat material då jag använde hela låtar.

Visst ändrade jag till en version i maj månad som använde halva låtarna- men i slutänden ville jag inte ta några risker!

Rösta gärna på WotN BETA 2.0 som förbättrar modifieringen från år 2013 en hel del.

Man kan rösta på fler än en MOD.

Btw, med Third Age är det lite annorlunda då ursprungsmodifikationen faktiskt använder officiell musik. Tyvärr kan jag ej rösta på min episka musikmod eftersom den räknas som en ADDON -mods är större än att man lägger till musik. Men min musikmod till TA:TW var en väldigt detaljerat gjord mod som krävt över två och en halv veckors arbete. Så det är synd att jag inte laddade upp den som en mod av det skälet att den ej går att rösta på!
Arbetet som lades ner motsvarar egentligen mer än en månad om man ser till vanliga åttatimmars-arbetsdagar fem dagar i veckan. Satt ju kanske 17 timmar varje natt/dag i två och en halv veckors tid. Och då talar vi sjudagars-veckor.

Så den borde egentligen vara röstningsbar kan man tycka.

Aja, men rösta gärna på WoTN 2.0 om ni gillar modifikationen som utspelas på vikingatiden - en mod för Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms!

Nummer fyra: 

Mr_Nygren's Sailor Moon X Mugen, för MUGEN Game Engine!

Den som vill får gärna lägga sin röst på denna mod också - en MUGEN-mod där jag sammanställt spelet genom att lägga till banor, karaktärer och låtar från serien Sailor Moon som skapats av andra. Ursprungsversionen hade inte i närheten av lika många låtar, banor eller karaktärer.

Modifikationen släpptes inte helt färdig- men det var inte svårt för den som vill att lägga till materialet som saknades. Allting följde med, men var ej implementerat i sin helhet.

Rösta gärna på denna mod också.

Nummer fem:

Final Fantasy VII: Scarlet overhaul MOD V 3.0, för Final Fantasy VII PC!

Lägg gärna en röst på min Scarlet 3.0 overhaul mod för PC-spelet Final Fantasy VII. Den ändrar alla Aeriths modeller till Scarlet, och gör om Scarlet till Aerith- dessutom ändras gå- och spring-animationerna i spelet så att Scarlet går och springer lika sexigt som hennes NPC-modell gjorde. Hon får även en alldeles egen seger-pose.

Jag skapade battle-modellen genom att använda field-modellens delar. Sedan bytte jag ut de andra field-modellerna också.

Att byta ut alla vanliga field-modeller i spelet var den simpla delen. Jobbigare och svårare blev det under processen med att göra en field-modell till en battle-modell. Det var väldigt drygt och man fick i praktiken sätta ihop hela modellen på nytt! Field till field var bara kopiera och klistra i princip- förenklat kan man säga att man bara klistrade över kroppsdelar över de gamla i ett program för FF7-modeller. Men med field till battle så var det en betydligt mer komplicerad process.

Animationerna var det mest tidskrävande.. För endast några sekunder av animationer så krävdes flera dagars arbete med frames. Skulle vilja påstå att jag suttit med denna mod en hel del, även om det är en mod som endast byter ut en karaktär i spelet och dennes animationer.

Rösta gärna på Scarlet MOD 3.0- ursprungstanken var att skapa en större mod där man spelar som hela The Shinra -och där alla karaktärer man spelar som är utbytta. Men detta var den första karaktären, och hittills den enda.

Utöver dessa mods ovan så har jag arbetat på följande:

1. Ny Wrath of the Norsemen- en enorm MOD med över tio nya factioner och en enorm världskarta, var tänkt att släppas i år men min samarbetspartner försvann spårlöst i oktober och har inte hört av sig sedan dess.. Kan inte slutföra modifikationen då det finns en del buggar som endast han kan ordna bot på- eftersom de berör hans del i arbetet.

2. Ny Game of Thrones Total War version- denna är snart färdig och jag måste bara testspela och lösa eventuella buggar. Har fokuserat på annat, men skall försöka bli färdig snart innan rösttiden går ut. Den lägger till en hel del nya grejer, inte minst en spelbar Hus Bolton.

3. Ny Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times- Expanded Elves sub-mod- lägger till massor av nya enheter i spelet, tagna från the Sundering - flera av dem har aldrig använts i en kampanj tidigare. Ändrar dessutom stats och rekryteringssystem i spelet. Försöker bli klar denna månad innan en ny version av Beginning of the End Times släpps. En kamp mot klockan att släppa både den och GoT-uppdateringen innan tiden går ut för omröstningen.

4. Ny The Last Kingdom sub-mod- lägger till massor av nya enheter och förändrar rekryteringssystemet. WotN-enheter invaderar the Last Kingdom och därmed de brittiska öarna. I praktiken en sammanslagning av Wrath of the Norsemen och The Last Kingdom- men bara av enheterna, världskartan är densamma.

Rösta gärna på ovanstående fem släppta mods.